Blanket Fort

I’ve heard it takes three times to make a habit. This year would have been my third year in the hospital, but thanks to my newfound ability to make mental safe space for myself I was able to be healthy this year. 

This piece comes full circle for me in so many ways. At this time last year, I made a work for the same show that depicted a grave scene. I was both lonely and alone. I never imagined that there would be strangers in the world who would see my work and find it moving. This year I am making a conscious effort to say something meaningful to all those strangers who will see my work. I’m attempting to offer a safe space and demonstrate how important it is to reach out and build relationships. I hope this piece not only makes people feel less alone, but offers them strength, and demonstrates how important building a support system can be. It is also a reflection of limits and a meditation on being selective about who you let into your life, which is equally as important as reaching out in the first place. Be conscious of what you need and what you are able to give in a relationship. Be selective with your love and most importantly, take care of yourself.

These blankets saw me through two hospitalizations and when I got healthy I made them into a blanket fort. Now I’m focusing on giving this fabric a new story as gifts to members of my support system. For me, by separating them in this way, I’m actually keeping them together in a more powerful way.