Ballet [part one]

Ballet [part one], performance installation, 2019

This piece was made in collaboration with Seamus Carey, it was exhibited at No Nation - Art Gallery and Tangential Unspace Lab in November 2019. Ballet [part one] is an exploration of boundaries, an invitation to cross the threshold into an inner space, an attempt to connect with the audience in an intimate and authentic way. Utilizing sculpture and sound + lighting design, this work was made possible by two minds colliding, two makers collaborating to further their artistic practices to reach a plane impossible to navigate alone. The process of making this work was intuitive and guided by the building of a relationship between the collaborators. Conversation, both direct and tangential, was integral to the devising of this work. Ballet [part one] is the first in a series of performance installations, stay tuned for the next iteration coming up in 2020.

sound + lighting — Seamus Carey

set — Julie Stopper

Chicago, IL 2019