Born in Reading, Pennsylvania (1992), Julie Stopper obtained her BFA in Studio Art at New York University (2014). Stopper went on to co-found White Toy Box, an arts organization dedicated to transforming accessible space into creative meeting places (2014-Present). Continuing to develop her expertise in visual culture, communication, and community building, Stopper became a Fellow at NYU's campus in Abu Dhabi where she founded The Cube, NYUAD's premeire student gallery (2014-2016). Upon moving back to the States, Stopper dedicated herself to nurturing the arts in her hometown through becoming the Exhibitions Coordinator, Community Ambassador, Studio Artist, and Instructor at GoggleWorks Center for the Arts in the heart of the city of Reading (2017-Present). 

Diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder (2016), Stopper admits it derailed her life and her denial of it elongated this experience. Now that she is healthy, Stopper strives to become a positive voice and role model within the mental health community as an artist, curator, and culture producer. Stopper hopes to make conversations about mental health less taboo and through demonstrating a prosperous lifestyle, she attempts to illustrate the importance of taking medications, seeing a therapist, building support systems, and pursuing creative endeavors.