Over the last six years, Stopper has exhibited on four continents including North America, Europe, Africa, and Asia. Stopper's first solo show, Night Light, took place in NYU Abu Dhabi's Project Space (2014) and it was so well received she was granted a second opportunity by the institution for a solo show in the same space, people are birds with wings ingrown, the following year (2015). Stopper then attended a residency at De Liceiras 18 in Porto, Portugal where she did a three week long performance piece, Tender Indifference, inspired by early Autumn culminating in an installation that engulfed her bedroom (2015). The following Spring, Stopper had her third solo show, Floral Furnace, in Ostrava, Czech Republic at Kalerie s čupr uměním Saigon (2016). Before returning back to the States, Stopper traveled to Sofia, Bulgaria, where she took part in the Water Tower Art Festival making an installation in an abandoned train station, Nest, outside of the city (2016). Stopper currently is a community member and maker at GoggleWorks Center for the Arts, the largest art center in the US and the organization that first exhibited her work at age 16, in Reading, Pennsylvania (2017-Present).